Confit Shallot

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Confit Shallot
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This is a somewhat sophisticated vegetable accompaniment that has a delicate and slightly sweet flavour.


Preparation Time: 5 minutes
Cooking Time: 45 minutes
Serves: 2


  1. Heat the fat in a sauce pan over a low heat and peel the shallot, keeping it whole (cut off as little as possible from the very bottom where the hairy roots are). the ingredients
  2. Put the shallot, unpeeled garlic and thyme into the fat and gently cook it for 45 minutes (the fat should have only a very few bubbles breaking the surface). cooking the shallot
  3. Remove everything from the fat, season the shallot with salt & pepper and serve with a clove of the garlic. the finished dish
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Useful Information

Can it be frozen? No.
Can it be prepared in advance? Yes, it can be finished up to 3 days in advance (keep them in the fat in the fridge).
Will leftovers be nice? Yes, for up to 3 days.


- The fat can be re-used by simply pouring it through a sieve to remove the debris, then allowing it to cool, pouring it back into its original container and storing it in the fridge. The fat will have taken on the flavour of the shallot, garlic and herbs, which can enhance any future cooking.

- To make a confit shallot purée, when they have been cooked, remove the skins from the garlic, place the shallot and garlic into a food processer and blend them until it forms a smooth purée. Then season it with salt & pepper, add 1 tablespoon of double cream and blend it once more to mix it together. Finally, put it into a pan to reheat the purée and serve.

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