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Culinary Links

Eat the seasons
A fantastic site that can tell you, at a glance, what food is in season now or at any time of the year.

Alliance Online
Catering and Restaurant Equipment supplied with fast UK delivery.

One of the best online catering equipment supplier in the UK. They deliver next-day, have reasonable prices and a wide range of products.

Laithwaites Wine
Laithwaites have a vast selection of wine, they deliver to anywhere in the UK and have outstanding customer service. Our top choice for buying wine.

HB Ingredients
HB Ingredients is our choice for all of those hard-to-find dessert and sweet ingredients. You can order as little or as much as you like without having to spend a fortune.


Accidental Hedonist
An extremely good, multifaceted food blog with a predominantly American slant, which strikes just the right balance between food, cooking, dining and the industry.

Eating Britain
An excellent British food blog with loads of great culinary tips and advice.

Curious Cook - Harold McGee
The, somewhat infrequently updated but worth it nonetheless, blog of Harold McGee, the man responsible for creating the best book on food and cooking ever written. Ever.

Word of Mouth
This is the Guardian's food blog that anyone and everyone even remotely interested in food subscribes to with all the up-to-the-minute culinary news and trends worth reporting.

Cake Wrecks
The brilliant, very funny and occasionally astounding home of disasterous cake decoration

Our Other Websites

Really Nice Cakes
Andy’s bespoke cake making and decorating business based in Wargrave, near Henley-on-Thames.

Protimient Font Foundry
The home of Ben’s typeface design enterprise.

Non-Culinary Links

While cooking, we listen to Radio Paradise.

A Note To Webmasters:

Unless your product or service is an astonishingly good, world-beating, best-in-show sort of thing that we cannot understand how we’ve lived without, then we don’t do link exchanges.