Prawn Cocktail

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Prawn Cocktail
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This dish, immortalised in the 1970’s, was considered the height of sophistication and a must have at any fancy dinner party. These days it seems to have fallen from the culinary spotlight, so we have given the humble prawn cocktail a bit of a modern edge.


Preparation Time: 5 minutes
Cooking Time: n/a
Serves: 3


  1. Defrost the prawns by placing them into a fine seive and run them under cold water until the ice has melted, about 1 minute. Place them onto 2 sheets of kitchen paper on a plate. Using two more sheets of kitchen paper on top, gently press down on the prawns to squeeze out most of the liquid. the prawns
  2. Place all of the sauce ingredients into a bowl and stir them together. the mary rose sauce
  3. Arrange the salad leaves (we used Lollo Rossa) on the plate. Cut the cucumber into strips using a vegetable peeler and sprinkle the strips over the lettuce. Then place on the prawns. building the dish
  4. Spoon the sauce on top of the prawns and dust it with a touch of paprika. Then garnished the plate with the fresh pansy and thyme flowers (they are both edible) and serve. If you want to be traditional about it, you can serve it with slices of buttered brown bread. the finished prawn cocktail
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Useful Information

Can it be frozen? No
Can it be prepared in advance? Only the sauce, 3 days in advance
Will leftovers be nice? No


- The pansy flowers don't really taste of much (they have a very slightly peppery ‘green’ flavour) but they do look spectacular. The thyme flowers taste of thyme but are much more delicate and palatable compared to eating thyme leaves. When picking flowers to eat, make sure they actually are the flowers you think they are and that they have NOT been sprayed with any kind of toxin (such as weed killer or insecticide).

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